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  Nov. 11, 2020


Eloh Kush, feat. Jahbaton

Produced by Clypto

Gaia (gī-ə), the new single from Eloh Kush, was co-written with fellow Angelz Inc. member Jahbaton, who is also featured on the track. The two emcees provide a front-row glance into their perspectives on the apocalyptic times in which we live. Recorded in California and NJ, Gaia — another term for “earth” — is a head-nodding experience from the moment you press play.


Nameless Dart

Eloh Kush and Glorious join forces on “Nameless Dart,” from the J. Rawls produced EP Valor. Directed by Chalyse Dubanshee.

A Brief Encounter

A Brief Encounter

Eloh spits bars about a chance encounter with a beautiful woman. Directed by Nick Burnz for Black Algebra MultiMedia.


Rock Candy

Supreme Cerebral and Eloh Kush star in “Rock Candy,” with a special feature from Planet Asia. Directed by Dirty Diggs.

Night Rangerz

Underground icon John Robinson joins Eloh on the first visual from Ebony Ronin. Directed by Ryan C. Spencer.

Do the Knowledge

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Fly Emperor 2 (CD)

Fly Emperor 2 (CD)

Eloh Kush & BudaMunk


A Few Dayz in the County Maze

A Few Dayz in the County Maze

Eloh Kush & Wil Swink