Review: Eloh Kush x Dus – “AngelDus” by Insomniac Magazine | 23 June 2016


New Jersey wordsmith, Eloh Kush, has worked effortlessly to imprint his own unique stamp on the current Hip Hop landscape while also leaving behind an impressive trail of surefire bangers in his wake. The MC’s latest project is a collaborative effort with behind the boards mastermind, Dus, who accents Eloh’s higher level lyricism with sonic strokes of brilliance that enhance the entire collection as a whole. To say that their “AngelDus” album(dropping June 24th)is an enjoyable listening experience would be stating the obvious. The 11 track collection is in fact a GREAT experience and one that any true Hip Hop Head cannot afford to miss!

“Intro/Above The Manger” sets the tone with a powerful voice from beyond leading us into a soundscape of lush melodies and breakneck bars filled with pearls of wisdom. “Carcadian Rythm” follows with a dope groove that sounds like a sped up Doo Wop track or background music you might hear in a Spaghetti Western flick. Eloh rips into the track, lassos the beat, and rides the rhythm into the sunset! “Interlude 1 Seshat Ali Speaks” penetrates our eardrums with powerful poetry laced with jazzy melodies that would make the heavens sing. Those same melodies return for the laid back “Beautiful Struggle” that showcases an understated, almost delicate quality, strengthened by the controlled force of Eloh’s vocals.

“B Boy Bonanza”(ft. John Robinson, El Da Sensei, AG & Stahhr) is the ultimate posse cut with the super lyricists spitting hardcore gems over pure Boom Bap beats! “Carnal Desire”(ft. Ja the GiF & Redd) takes lust to a new level with the “Bedroom Bullies” regaling listeners with lurid tales of their erotic sexual escapades. “89 Angelz”(ft. Glorious & Lord Sun & Khamisi & Desi Kastro) delivers more first class flows over an unrelenting rhythm and powerhouse beat. You’ll be keeping this one on repeat. TRUST. “Trouble” is next to pour from the speakers with a clunky, hypnotic beat, soulful grooves, and an exotic, mesmerizing vocal sample that wouldn’t be out of place in a Bollywood film. Eloh takes our stress level way past ten as he recounts serious drama straight out of a nail-biting action flick. We know Eloh will be okay in the end. It’s just another day in the life!

“N.W.A.”(Neteru With Aptitude”)ft. 60Second Assassin, kicks down the door with ill lyrics and another mind-bending masterpiece of hallucinogenic harmonies while “Interlude 2: Seshat Ali Speaks” continues the bold musings of the esteemed poetess before segueing into the “P.C.P./L.S.D. Outro” for a spirituous conclusion that sparks talks of revolution and exposes the government’s trickery for all to see. The devil is alive but Eloh Kush possesses a mighty blade to slay the serpent!

If you want a mediocre album to listen to there are plenty of artists to choose from. Fortunately Eloh Kush & Dus offer an alternative to the dull, overly commercialized musical terrain by providing a project with content & quality you can’t find anywhere else. “AngelDus” is the kind of project more artists need to be making. Then again, most artists are lacking the talent to even make the attempt. A new kingdom of style & sound has been unveiled to the listeners. Eloh Kush & Dus are the rulers to the throne!

– Kevin Keith

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