Do the Knowledge

“In my travels through life, reading books has been a constant passion.  I am a self-admitted addict to knowledge.  Whenever I meet people – especially at shows – I’m always asked about what books I’m reading, my favorite authors, and if I’ve read a certain book. So I decided to create this space as a way to respond to those kinds of questions. I also wanted to share my own creation, A Few Dayz in the County Maze. This collection of poems and essays deals with an important episode in my personal journey – one that still informs how I think and live, today.”


– Eloh Kush

Morning Wake Up Calls

by Born Free (author) and Safiya Wharton (illustrations)


“The main purpose of these Morning Wake Up Calls is to get your thoughts, intentions, and actions in alignment with the infinite power of creation. To become one with God. To connect with the creative principle that exists in all things. That supreme and dynamic force of nature that abides in our hearts but is buried under years of self-destructive miseducation and misdirection. None of these affirmations will tell you that if you close your eyes and say I’m a millionaire, you’ll magically become a millionaire. That’s bullshit and manipulative! Hard work is mandatory! It’s no getting around that fact. Everything written in this book was created to get you focused and ready to manifest your infinite possibilities in the real world. To get the most out of this book, you must stay in the ACTION FRAME OF MIND. That action frame of mind is indispensable to this process of mental, spiritual, physical, and financial resurrection. Are you ready for your Morning Wake Up Call?”


– Born Free #therealbornfree


A Few Dayz in the County Maze

by Eloh Kush (author) and Wil Swink (artwork) 


This collection of poems and essays sheds light on the reality of confinement while offering an in-depth and personal view of the unnatural, oppressive state of institutions. The book includes an mp3 of the hard-hitting track “My Journey,” by Jahbaton. Check it out!

The Art of War

by Sun Tzu 


This ancient Chinese military treatise dates back to the 5th century BC. Written by the renowned general and military strategist Sun Tzu, the book also serves as a powerful guide for thinking and living strategically.